Bridal Wedding Cars

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Our videographers will capture the magic & romance of your special day.

Our videographers take special pride in their work. We are not satisfied unless you love your wedding video. We love weddings, to see and feel your emotions, to hear the stories of your life, to capture all the romance & glorious splendour of your wedding day.

We are always honored to be invited to your wedding, to film and capture all the precious moments as your day unfolds and be able to present to you a professional and artistic video documentary of your wedding day, that will compliment and capture the beauty and splendor of your wedding day.

We work as a team with your ceremonial official, photograhers, caterers, master of ceremonies, music providers (DJ’s) and entertainers.

We are your eyes during the precession, we capture the tears in your loved ones eyes, the laughter, the toasts and speeches, the dancing, the farewells, and all the special memories that make up wedding day.

We want you to see over and over again, the beauty ,splendor, sounds that can only be captured on film so that all the precious moments of your wedding day that will keep alive for you, your children, family and friends forever.

With sensitivity and professionalism we not only capture what you see but what your family and friends had seen. Our captured moments are always beyond most couples expectations.

We have had over 10 years experience in shooting both Video & Photography.

We have filmed over 100 weddings and spent countless hours editing and preparing some of the most beautiful wedding videos put to film.

We use 3-Chip Pro video camera’s and digital editing equipment to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Our PRO VHS duplication system produces the best available VHS tapes with the highest signal strength and clarity available from the equipment which is compatible with any VHS VCR.

We are also able to supply you your wedding master on either S-VHS or DVD Quality up to 2 hours with a much higher resolution and sound quality. DVD and S-VHS are renowned as the best quality consumer formats available.

In the not to distant future your presentations will be available on D-VHS (D-THEATRE) which is VHS tape that is 3 times better than DVD. YES! Three times clearer than DVD and fully backwards compatible with all of your existing VHS formats in one VCR.

Special Video/Photo packages are available that can be optioned include all of our services.

What you get?

  • Professional Cameraman
  • Long Range Microphones
  • Long range lighting
  • Multiple camera’s in case of breakdown so nothings missed
  • 2 to 2 ˝ hr of edited VHS copies in presentation cases that will consist of the brides home, the ceremony, the park, the reception and the getaway. ( 3 copies provided )


  • Grooms house with fun activities.
  • DVD or S-VHS Copies
  • 20 minute highlight tape (full run) in either DVD S-VHS or VHS
  • Discounted additional copy versions on VHS for your family of friends
  • CD-R image captures from your wedding day (digital stills)